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Mvo-p And The Dimensional Psych (And Otherwise) Domain

Graspable Material That Is Both Immediate And Can Be Taken To Depth Domains

An actual working space.  This might be taken up by just about any individual that wants to work with it, and finds value in it.

Zen, The Ten Qualities (Takuan Soho), And The Psych Domain

This paper may be useful in any number of different ways.  One does not have to be Zen to use these well, and may consult only one aspect for oneself, or develop an entire working awareness and apperception for oneself.  One may consult Zen Buddhism, one's own observations, another philosophy, religion, or spirituality, or any of many types of thought, I suspect, with this.  In philosophy, religion, spirituality, the everyday, and this world, even one statement may be helpful or useful; or, it may lead to a significant framework and language, all pointing to this very world, place, and realm, or whatever realms there are.  This all, and any of it, must be realized for oneself as an actuality and experiential.

Diagrams By And For The Individual -- Squares And Cubes

This paper presents an idea and process that is participatory, is reflective, promotes meaning and orientation, and promotes vocabulary and what it references -- all in new or refined and deepened light.  It is inexpensive; and because the sketches and terms and diagrams on each 4x6 index card are persistent, and because one can develop a stack of them, one can refer to any sequence of them over time, in a simple yet profound manner, and add to the stack, revise the thoughts in a sequence of effort and realization and thought and apperception, and develop reference and tactile effect over time.

Zen T WFp Logic

This paper may be useful for some, and provides fascinating material on a level that is both simple and fairly sophisticated.

Sunyata-Pratityasamutpada: The Entire World Wake-Stated

This paper provides Zen Buddhist material.  It may be useful at various stages, or for various types of insight, and for various levels of insight.

Mvo-p Analytics: Logic 1010

This paper provides some useful approach to analytics and logic, and the world, or an aspect, observation, or representation within it.

TSOM-S Journal Notes.txt

This is a journal that touches on a number of points.  It is proof of what one can do with say a 60 minute interval of time (a "duration"), one's view, and a text editor (available with the system, on Linux, Windows 10, or macOS, each of these has its own app), the document saved, exported, or printed to PDF.  Simple.  The thought can be simple, stepped, unfolding terms, the experiential, logic, reason, creativity, art, and dimension.

One can try this with a set of 4 x 5 index cards white side and one's favorite inexpensive yet quality pen (the Papermate Inkjoy is outstanding, and there are likely others), one's own ability to write terms, draw arrows, make definitions, connect phrases, draw diagrams, set aside, study, do it again, in another topic, on another blank card, set aside, study, stack, set the collection somewhere, retrieve it later, and revisit -- to step to the prior state of mind (to bring it to memory), or to introduce the material or subset thereof into a new context of one's thinking and awareness, and experience.  Setting forth, thereby, a new present-moment world-state, contemplating tactile objects of mind and meaning, or trying to solve a problem, and see the actual-resonant-or-realized-position, or define the actual as far as one can, in all ability.  The stack of cards, the collection, the set, is full of meaning, and is persistent-state.  One can set it on a shelf or on the table, pick it up again later, and sort through and study or contemplate the material or just one component.

One might re-visit the paper Zen, The Ten Qualities (Takuan Soho), And The Psych Domain with just such a stack, collection, or set of index cards annotated with one's own personal writings and diagrams.  This is just one potential avenue.

The Emotion Machine: Common Sense Thinking, Artificial Intelligence, And The Future Of The Human Mind by Marvin Minsky

Enthusiasm!  Marvin Minsky's book The Emotion Machine, mentions positive (positive-constructive, "do that", or "further that") and corrective (negative-constructive, "not that", or "change that") critics, in the mind, agencies that direct toward solving problems, correcting difficult situations or strategies, or reinforcing and furthering that which works; even re-imagining the situation and one's approach.  This has direct implications for the mental well-being domain, as well as the everyday, and common sense, taken to its own Minsky-type vocabulary.  See The Emotion Machine, pages 230-231, and then the rest, in time; or, straight through.  It's dynamite.  But see for yourself, and use it in light of merit and your own standpoint; and see if it's of benefit or not.


Some dynamite material here, and a little theory and basis of praxis.

Chinese Zen Music: Guzheng & Erhu music, Zen Music, instrumental music, chinese music

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